Starseed Meditation Group

The Starseed Meditation Group is a collection of like minded souls who gather together for the healing of self, the planet, and the cosmos as a whole. The group is facilitated by myself and my colleague, Harry Kroner. We have discussions on various topics related to the Starseed theme. It's a community of people who feel connected to the stars, the earth, the universe, ET's (our galactic brothers and sisters,) elementals, and celestial beings, and to the evolution, expansion, and ascension of the earth and humankind.  In various creative and channeled experiences, the meditations are focused on assisting in this process. They are deeply healing and transformational. The meditations utilize quantum healing and are multidimensional by nature. There is an energetic transmission offered to your higher self to receive. Downloads, activations, and blessings are brought through and shared. The meditations are recorded and emailed to you later so you can re-explore the experience as desired.

We meet quarterly at the Elk's Performing Arts Center, in downtown Prescott, Arizona. We are often hosting interesting guest speakers. We also, occassionally, offer a more intensive retreat experience, Starseed Awakening Retreats. Events will be posted here, under the Events tab, and on my Facebook page, as well as the Starseed Gathering Facebook page. If you're interested in having us bring a retreat to your city, please message me. It’s a beautiful group, and we will soon have a website for online membership, as well, so this group energy can keep expanding and assisting us all on this journey in Love, Joy, and Peace.