Jennifer Wrobel is a talented Healing Artist with over 25 years in practice. Since early childhood, she has been communicating with Angels, Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings, and Ancestral Guides. Healing is her passion, her art, and her life purpose. Her work is unique, potent, and life changing. Angelic Earth Resonance™ is the culmination of her various gifts and many years of experience.



Angelic Earth Resonance™ Sessions

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Discover your Wings

Angelic Earth Resonance™ sessions are a unique combination of my various gifts and many years of experience.

I offer a form of Spiritual Healing that I consider to be a combination of somatic bodywork, energy work, quantum healing, and sound healing with elements of shamanic influence.  I use music, crystals and flower essences, to add their beautiful gifts and assistance to the sessions. I consider this healing work to be New Paradigm bodywork, meaning it is designed to bridge the unconscious and conscious mind, allowing accelerated growth and/or healing, spiritual embodiment, and empowerment from within. This advanced work is for those courageous souls who are ready to take this life experience to the next level of creation, joy, and bliss.

Starseed Meditation Group


Are you a Starseed?

The Starseed Meditation Group is a collection of like minded souls who gather together for the healing of self and the planet. The group is facilitated by myself and my colleague, Harry Kroner. We have discussions on various topics related to the Starseed theme. It's a community of people who feel connected to the stars, the earth, the universe, ET's (our galactic brothers and sisters,) and to the evolution, expansion, and ascension of the earth and humankind.  In various creative and channeled experiences, the meditations are focused on assisting in this process. The meditations are a quantum healing that bring through an energetic transmission. Downloads, activations, and blessings are shared in abundance. The meditations are recorded and emailed to you later so you can re-explore the experience if you wish.


The Studio