Angelic Earth Resonance™ Healing Intensive Retreat - Fall 2019
to Oct 20

Angelic Earth Resonance™ Healing Intensive Retreat - Fall 2019

Join us this Fall for 3 Blissful Days in the Magical Granite Dells

10:00am - 7:00pm Daily - Lunch Catered

In this life enhancing healing intensive, you will be immersed in the philosophy, practice, and deep experiential ecstasy of Angelic Earth Resonance™.  You will learn how to access deeper states of consciousness and transmit these high frequencies into every aspect of your life.

*Day 1 - Deep dive into some of the philosophy behind the work, practice opening to holy presence and zero point awareness, and holding and cultivating that space

*Day 2 - Exciting exploration into the world of Light Language, practice and develop your own experience with speaking, singing, signing, and writing Light Language

*Day 3 - Journey to the inner dimensional realms of sound, practice working with others

Each day will end with Group Healing Sessions

Hosted by Jennifer Wrobel, creator of Angelic Earth Resonance™, and assisted by Angelic Earth Resonance™ practitioners, Sophia Malonson and Cameron Krizek

This retreat is a healing intensive in every sense. A safe and sacred space is held to invite you to open deeply, heal authentically, and come home to a more whole and connected version of you. 

 Cost $850, Lunch Included

Register Early to Guarantee Space

Registration Deadline: Monday, October 7th

For more information:

Jennifer Wrobel 928-642-7764

3 Day Healing Intensive Retreat
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