"We are the Winged Ones of heaven, your reflections in perfect love, the missing dimension needed for your wholeness. We are the spiritual guardians of the earth. Welcome us into your consciousness."

Ken Carey, Return of the Bird Tribes

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate."

~Carl Jung

Angelic Earth Resonance™ healing sessions are a unique combination of my various gifts and many years of experience.

I offer a form of Spiritual Healing that I consider to be a combination of somatic bodywork, energy work, angelic lightwork, quantum healing, and sound healing with elements of shamanic influence.  I use music, instruments, crystals, light language, and flower essences, when I’m guided to add their beautiful gifts and assistance to the sessions. I consider this healing work to be New Paradigm bodywork, meaning it is designed to bridge the unconscious and conscious mind, allowing accelerated growth and/or healing, spiritual embodiment, and empowerment from within. This advanced work is for those courageous souls who are ready to take this life experience to the next level of creation, joy, and bliss. It is also for those who are lost, ill, or in pain and know, deep within, there is something much more to Life. Whether you are looking for relief from physical or emotional symptoms, or if you’re simply ready to take your life to the next level, this work will provide all of that and much more.

I channel healing energy in a combination of movement, breath, tones, and Light Language, and I share messages I receive with the client after the session. I open into, and maintain, a state of deep and focused presence, in order to create space for Love, God,  Higher Self, to come forward into my experience and awareness. It is this state of awareness and frequency that leads and guides the session. In shamanic practices, this state is often called "hollow bones," you empty yourself and allow Spirit to fill you. It is a complete Surrender to the Divine and All That Is, Higher Self, and for the Greatest Good. It is a surrender to the ever present, unchanging frequency we call Love. It is our True Nature. And, when we remember this place in frequency, with the entirety of our being, right down to our DNA and cellular make up, the healing that is possible is nothing less than miraculous.

Through resonance and frequency, I take your soul by the hand and guide you into this state of Bliss, and I help you journey deeper while we're there. It is the unspoken and cellular remembrance of Divine Love and Grace. It is an experience of the Eternal. It is an opening of the unconscious mind, an awakening of Kundalini. It is a multi-dimensional healing. Your entire body and life will shift and change in profound and efficient ways. Many soul's on Earth right now, and the Earth herself, are ready to evolve at an accelerated rate. This work will assist you with that experience. It will help lead you to empowerment, and sovereignty. It can help you clear and open to experiencing more Love, and help you align with the path of your heart and the journey of your soul. It can help you find a greater sense of serenity, freedom, and wellness. It can help you break free of old unhealthy patterns, karmic or not. It can help you release from physical pain and discomfort. And, it can help you find your purpose and the path that brings you the most joy and peace.

It is an honor and a privilege to be guided to do this work in this lifetime, and it brings me great joy to help others heal and find their way on this sacred journey.


A Few Potential Benefits

  • Improved sleep, digestive function, mood, and ability to deal with stress

  • Relief from chronic pain, depression, compulsive behavior, and anxiety

  • Increase in ability to make positive healthy choices; such as, lifestyle, diet, personal boundaries

  • The ability to see and evaluate old patterns, and the strength and courage to let them go  

  • Improved posture, structural alignment, and flexibility - often, reversal of spinal degeneration, as well as, release of deep muscle tension and stress holding patterns

  • A deepening of spiritual experience and awareness, an increase in intuitive ability

  • A deepening sense of purpose, acceptance, and direction

  • A greater sense of Love and peace in life

  • A deeper and clearer connection to spiritual energy, guides, and angels



New Client Appointment (60 minute consultation, and 1 session) - $199

Distance Healing - Web or Phone Sessions Available


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